the dancer, the performer

Daughter of Northern Italian father and Southern France origin

mother, Alicia was born in Buenos Aires. A citizen of the world, 

having lived a significant part of her life in the United States and

traveled 59 countries.

.         Studied Contemporary Dance with Patricia Stokoe, direct

disciple of Martha Graham.

·         Participated in the Dance Body Expression Studies at the

Performance School of Bogota,

·         Was a member of the Contemporary Dance Group of the

Theater School at the University of Mexico, DF. 

·         Practiced sacred dances with the Gurdjieff group in the

United States.  

·         At the same time working for the government of Mexico,

she dedicated herself to Tango.

.         Studied Blues and Lindy hop in Europe, with Jana Grulichova.

·         Since more than one decade, she is committed to the dissemination of modern African American Dances, like Blues, Swing, and Rock&Roll.


Alicia performed on television from the age of 13 and in theaters and cultural shows uninterruptedly between 1984 and 1996 in Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. On that date, a necessary parenthesis is made for the international success of her career as a fine artist and creator of the Peace Action Groups for Friends of the UNITED NATIONS, an organization that she represents exclusively for International Affairs.
In Barcelona, ​​2012 to 2014, expanding to other cities in Catalonia, she has developed EL BLUES ES POT BALLAR, a cultural program for the diffusion of the Blues dance, which consisted of concerts, classes, and performances as a couple and solo dancer.
Some of the institutions or large rooms that welcomed her with her shows:

Festival of Blues of Tarragona. 2013
Espai 30 (Nau Ivanow) El BLUES ES POT BALLAR, 2013
Festa mayor of La Sagrera. Solo Blues, 2013
Canal 33 of Barcelona, ​​Sacred Dances, 2012
Sacred dances in congress International yoga, Catalunya, 2011
Auditorio Ollyn Yolitztly, TANGO & FOLKLORE's seasonal show, Mexico City, 1995
Teatro Tepeyac, Children's Song Series, Mexico DF 1986-88
Televisa 1986-1992
She worked exclusively for the cultural programs of Socicultur, in Mexico, moving through different cities and forums of the United Mexican States. 1986-1992
Ollyn Yolitztly Hall, Mexico DF 1988
Channel 11 TV Mexico 1986
Teatro Provincial e Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1984, Children's Classic Repertory
TV channels in Argentina, Mexico, and the United States.

In Barcelona, Catalunya she was one of the major promoters of the current boom born under El Blues es pot Ballar (In Catalá, Blues can be danced)
First public remarkable performance as a singer at the age of 13, on Canal 7 in Buenos Aires.