La aproximación máxima a la libertad de expresión

en el escenario de la danza.

Fusión es un género nuevo en donde se utiliza la

fusión de elementos de danzas diferentes,

con música diversa, en un juego de diálogo e

improvisación constantes.

What is Fusion dancing?  How do you define it?

Movement without strict rules, interpretation without judgment, the music of any variety.  We see Fusion dancing as literally any motion to any music with any person.  Fusion comes out of the need to improvise, to connect, and to experience dance as an expression of one's own personal style.  Fusion is the style of dancing which embraces the possibility of “What if?” and the reality of “Here I am, Expressing!”

Excerpt from the web http://thedancingroot.com/about-us/fusion/

The Dancing Root says:

Some people call it “Fusion Dancing.” But that only scratches the surface