Comments extracted from different press media:

“Purity of forms. Deep and clear simplicity. Texture constructed with more than 14 layers.”

“Evocations of the great century of the German school. Considered as the successor of Paul Cézanne.”

“Contemporary artist, woman, young, Latina, known throughout the world.”

“Her work is friendly, without apparent mysteries, of high sensitivity. The contemporary image of the young artist was in the last decades one of the best known of its kind.”



Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Quaini studied with the teachers Amicarelli and Carpanelli as well as in the workshops of MEEBA, the mutuality of Students and Graduates of Fine Arts, (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Currently a Spanish national, she has traveled around the world several times exhibiting his work.


Exhibits since 1977 in Argentina, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Colombia and currently in Russia, Scandinavia, France and in virtual exhibitions worldwide.


She did 25 individual exhibitions and more than 30 group exhibitions and participated as a featured artist at International Exhibitions such as Art Miami and New York Art Expo.

Her work is published by big art companies, including BRUSHSTROKES, from Canada, since 1999.


Her collectors are from different countries such as Germany, Russia, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Chile, Finland, and Japan, as well as celebrities such as Dick van Dyke and others.


Her art has been presented in magazines around the world, television, art dictionaries and various newspapers. Compared to Cézanne, she is one of the most known and celebrated Latin American painters in the world.


Her awards include the Honorable Mention at the National Orange Bowl in California, 2 Prizes in Beverly Hills, Selected Artist at the Second Biennial of Northwest Baja California, Mexico, and a grand First Prize when she was 7 years old, in a youth competition “Painters of the West,” Buenos Aires.


As a philanthropist and humanitarian, she has made plans to make the voices of the needy heard, destined for the recovery of prisoners, education about peace and human rights, etc.

She is a Special Representative worldwide for Friends of the United Nations and also operates as a United Nations Consultant for Fotun.


She currently lives in San Diego and has been represented by dealers who sell her work in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, Japan, Australia, Russia, Scandinavia, Asia and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the following writing, there is a start that may confuse people: I am not pro Fidel and never was, I am a Humanitarian by default and that means no political affiliation. The writer of the article was impressed by that quote of me.



"Fidel (Castro) was very, very kind. Charismatic, even sweet. With his strongest Cuban accent, he asked me (for Spanish speaking people in this exact order of words): “Y que tú haces?” At the same time, he was extending his hand for a good shake and preparing for the fraternal embrace to this 5.2 body of mine. He felt robust and strong, yet warm. Without hesitation, I answered: ‘I am an artist, that’s why I work for peace.’ He offered the warmest welcome and kept on salutations just by himself with no protocol or introductions of any kind as it usually is with this level of government, mainly in the presence of official guests. He treated us just like old friends. Then we were invited to go to the next room where the exact number of chairs was awaiting the 3 hour meeting. I had a tape recorder with me." According to Alicia Quaini's manuscript "Fragments of an Autobiography."

I read this and thought to myself, W-O-W!!! Who is this lady that goes to meet Castro with a group of elite people and discuss civil rights and record this historical moment with photographs and audio? To me, I see this fantastic artist in a variety of areas, and I am compelled to let the world know what I discovered about Alicia Quaini. What a treasure to be able to discuss some of her history as well as the people that she became associated with through her endeavors as an Artist in so many fields. Quaini is recognized through a lifelong commitment of relevant social causes that she has worked for and is continually working to support. I like that, that is how I think, and the people that I work with follow.
 In Mexico, she studied with Melquiades Ejido -- renowned Mexican Muralist, and rescued Mexican Artistic Traditions, adding her own colors to the inherent Cultural Art. Quaini understood the value of her Art to the overall collection of all Native Mexican Culture and added to its integrity by selecting her own balance through her life and into the Sacred Traditions of Mexico as handed down from generation to generation.

While living in Mexico, the Artist was afforded the opportunity to display her Art at many Exhibitions and do her Humanitarian work with the people in attendance. The media was passionate about this beautiful, high energy Artist that exploded on the scene as an ARTIST, WRITER, SINGER, CONDUCTOR, DANCER, HUMANITARIAN, BODY BUILDER, SPEAKER. Quaini had many exhibitions in Mexico, among them, a show sponsored by the Argentine Embassy in Mexico City. She had a permanent and cultural exchange with embassies in the different countries she lived in or visited, including the fantastic trip to the United Arabs Emirates, where the Argentinean Ambassador, Ruben Caro, not only supported her but hang a complete collection of her art in the Embassy residency.

Quaini is a World Wide Special Representative for Friends of the United Nations, a member of the International Day of Peace Planners, Worldwide, and has made her presence known through her work with the Groups of Actions Towards Peace (GAP), as creator and director of the program.

Alicia Quaini is featured in Newspaper, Television, Internet, Art Magazines, Art Dictionaries. TV Programs including The Learning Channel, Extreme Make Over, Televisa International, Univision news...


ALICIA QUAINI: Her Quest to Share Herself Through the Arts

I found in treasured boxes tapes of Alicia Quaini in concert, during practices, interviews, candid personal discussions, enough material to make a fabulous movie of the artist. From what I have learned in my quest to understand this prolific Artist, early in her life dives as a Professional Musician coming from the Conservatorio Provincial Julian Aguirre de Moron in Buenos Aires and the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla. I see the broad strokes of her connection between music and art. Beginning in 1977 and for four decades, Quaini has shown and sold her art in Argentina, USA, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Japan, France, Russia, China, South Korea, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany, Guatemala, Venezuela, Chile, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and other countries. Alicia has had more than 40 solo Exhibitions and 100 group Exhibitions. She has exhibited and published internationally since 1998, featured annually in Art Miami and the New York Art Expo.

I see the music in her art, through color and texture and one can make a similar comparison to her music. Alicia has made contributions by her ability through the Study of Modern Dance at Patricia Stokoe Institute of Buenos Aires and the Escuela de Arte Dramático of Bogotá, Colombia. She is a featured Dancer in a multitude of different events and different types of music, and they can be seen on you-tube.


Alicia Quaini and Ulises Diego, Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering have developed the technique REMA (Restructuring Timeless Memories) which had been presented in renowned Universities and International Psychology and Psychiatric congresses in Russia, UK, Mexico, and Argentina.

Andrew Singer.